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Helping you live a balanced and healthy lifestyle you can feel great about.

Our Story

We know how hard life can be, we are here to help you bring more balance through wellness

Tangmo was launched in 2022 by Daisy Peacock, experienced yoga teacher and wellness enthusiast. Daisy has trained in various styles of yoga around the world and wanted to share these teachings to you to help you rediscover yourself through a loving and supportive environment.

Tangmo, Wellness brand was named after an inspiring Young girl named Tangmo. Daisy lived in Thailand in 2017-2018 working in the charitiable sector teaching sports and arts at the Asia centre foundation in Phuket working with vulnerable Thai children and Burmese refuges whilst living with a local Thai family and supporting a young girl, Tangmo whom struggled with severe anxiety and mutism. Tangmo struggled to communicate so Daisy communicated through playfulness, yoga, art and embracing her inner child too. Overtime Tangmo built trust and self esteem through sisterhood and Tangmo voice and confidence started to blossom.  This experience fulled Daisy to create a safe space for all ages, kids, teenagers, adults and elderly to reconnect through yoga and community .

 Daisy  Opened her first studio in 2022 in Falmouth, Cornwall after just over a year of running a wellness studio on Killigrew street, offering daily yoga classes, massage and holistic therapies and a lifestyle shop, Daisy had built a beautiful Tangmo community and had been struggling to sustain our small high street studio due to our cost of living crisis. Daisy choose sustainability instead of burnout and remodelled tangmo into an online shop, studio and created a wellness retreat brand bringing communities together to recharge and learn rituals and tools to create a sustainable wellbeing.  

Daisy now offers intimate regular classes and ceremonies at her home studio at Swanpool Beach, Falmouth and will be from October 2023 offering events at our new yoga barn in Falmouth. ( keep updated on on our journey through subscribing to our email list or follow us via social media.)


The Experience

Free Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Step into a world of serenity and self-discovery with our welcoming yoga and wellness retreats, where nature's beauty harmonizes with inner peace. Experienced yoga teacher Daisy will guide you through transformative experiences, both in-person at our home studio classes and virtually through online sessions, ensuring wellness knows no boundaries.


But we're more than just classes; we're a sustainable activewear brand, weaving eco-consciousness into every thread. Our commitment to the planet matches our dedication to your well-being. Feel the gentle embrace of our sustainable activewear, aligning your body with comfort and the Earth with care.


Join us on a journey where mindfulness, fitness, and sustainability converge, helping you not only find balance within but also nurture the world around you and our community. Together, we embark on a path of holistic well-being that's as kind to you as it is to the planet.


Our Mission

Our mission is to support you through creating a balanced and sustainable lifestyle that you can feel great about.


To help you build inner and outer confidence whilst nurturing your needs.  We want to provide a safe, tranquil and atmospheric environment to allow you to express and Recenter. To create a community allowing you to connect to likeminded souls and build beautiful friendships through our monthly memberships and regular coffee dates. We want you to feel supported and empowered, feeling rejuvenated and relaxed leaving Tangmo into the world. We all need and deserve time and space to slow down and take a moment for ourselves. wether that's on one of our nourishing retreats, yoga classes, workshops, personalised 1/1 sessions or from our sustainable activewear and lifestyle brand.

We Strive to inspire and educate, providing tools, products, and knowledge needed to foster physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Our mission is to create a healthier, happier world by promoting selfceare, mindfulness, and sustainable living. Together, we aim to find balance, vitality, nurturing a life of wellness for all. Working not only with adults, however supporting our younger generation too.

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